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The district town Kronach is characterised by its geography, the merging of the rivers Rodach, Kronach and Haßlach, and, not least, by Lucas Cranach the Elder. He lived around 1500, was a friend of Martin Luther, and worked mostly in Kronach and Wittenberg.
The "Obere Stadt" ("Upper Town"), as Kronach's historic city centre is called, reflects this era, with steeply pitched roofs on half-timbered houses, defiant sandstone walls, and the hard, knobby cobblestone.
Little has changed here. Also the medieval art of brewing, the production of beer, is a tradition within these walls. Several brewhouses dominated the cityscape and were centres of public life.

1000 years Kronach also means 1000 years of beer tradition.

Although brewing of beer was women's business and common in every household at those times, the city of Kronach offered kind of contract brewing at two brewhouses. Since the rise of "industrial beer", these brewhouses were no longer cost-effective and the councillors decided to close them in 1917. What a pity!

Exactly 92 years later, we brought this tradition back to the historic city of Kronach.
Our master brewer has grand plans.

Beer makes thirst a pleasure.

Be enchanted by freshly tapped, naturally cloudy, bottom-fermented beer, light or dark, and enjoy our "ANTLABRÄU"

within the heart of "Beer Franconia", at Kronach.